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 Rose Garden Stage


 We have a variety of soloists, duets, and Trios playing for us every year, Combining and alternating our musical and entertaining performances throughout the day, August 20, 2023.

The performances start at 11:00 a.m. There is a different performer every 30 minutes. This is a wonderful area for mellowing out under the apple trees and eating homemade goodies with a cup of tea. 

The Rose Garden Stage is hosted by Longevity John, an accomplished songwriter and musician from the Cowichan Valley. 



The Rose Garden Stage is behind the old 1800's nunnery at Providence Farm. It is nestled between fragrant rose bushes and apple trees.

Addies Tea Garden will serve you a cup of hot tea and a homemade treat while you enjoy the specially selected performers on the Gazebo Stage.

We are thrilled to have as MC and host, Longevity John Faulkner of Duncan Showroom.

This years line up is specially chosen for our Family Reunion Theme and includes solists, duets, trios incorporating members of their families that are also talented as well as our favorite Gaelic Choir from Victoria!

10:30-Owen Vaags

1100 – Chaz Booth

11:30- Robbie Page

12:00-Black Moon Valley

12:30-Tonia and Scott

1:00- The Victoria Gaelic Choir

1:30-JR and the Black Ox Band

2:00-Gracie Hooper

2:30-Brynn Rosenau

3:00-Shardow Paul

3:30-Andres Nimegeers

4:00-Sister Act

4:30-Hardie Mcintosh

5:00- Emily Lynn Sunshine






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